Otto Janke

“Over 25 years in practice and having been coached by some of the best, I have learned more business in the BDC than anywhere else. 2 examples: my screening of potential patients has freed up THOUSANDS of dollars each time, meaning, I screen out those people I don’t think would be a great fit. You and I both know that the mantra has always been MORE NEW PATIENTS for decades! But what if those people you are letting in are NOT your ideal clients? Time, money, energy, and focus wasted. I put a BDC concept into play and watch how I am able to serve more, make more, and work with the people I want to most. Second example: we had to hire a new Office Manager. I saved hours upon hours using a BDC concept that I put into play. THIS alone fundamental in practice. You are told to put a resume on a page and….wasted time, energy, money, focus. You were not taught these concepts in school but it is never too late to learn them NOW. Join the BDC and put the concepts into action, and your practice gear.“