Mel Krug, DC

“As a young entrepreneur, the number of coaches, groups, mentors, content, books etc. can sometimes feel overwhelming when first starting a practice. After searching for many months, I thankfully discovered Black Diamond Club. Being part of BDC has not only allowed me to exponentially grow my business, but also grow as an individual in relationships, money mindset, personal development, and beyond. Look no further as THIS is the community you’ve always desired along your entrepreneurial journey. I have also coached 1 on 1 with Dr. Lacey Book (aka my secret business weapon) for almost 2 years and feel as though I am UNSTOPPABLE in my current and future business endeavors. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start working with Lacey sooner. As a new doctor and business owner, Lacey has provided priceless support and insight on what it takes to build a strong foundation in my company. She is easy to work with, holds me accountable, and pushes me to grow with the vision in mind. She has not only helped us reach our financial and client goals in our first year of practice, but exceed them as well as prevent us from making costly mistakes. I can promise you when you start to collaborate with Lacey, you will see that the value FAR outweighs the cost.”