The premise is simple…

We can help you to build the practice of your dreams. But first, we need to truly understand what that means.

We do not like the term Coach because a coach is the one who sets the goals and expectations for the individual or team. Then the coach creates a game plan that the individual or team executes.
Well, quite frankly, you do not need a coach. If you are looking into working with us it is because you own your own practice and aspire for more. How much more? Only you know. What are you willing to do to get there? Again, only you know.

We see my role as more of a mentor, an advisor and an accountability partner.

We have managed over 25 different chiropractic offices in my 18 year career in chiropractic. We have seen almost every different type of practice model you can think of. More importantly, we have worked with almost every different type of practitioner during that time as well.

One thing we have learned is that we do not enjoy working with everyone. And, quite frankly, not everyone enjoys working with us.

So, what we want to do is build a relationship with a select few who will be inspired by working with me and who will inspire me and enrich my life through our working together. My life moves at a very fast pace. We truly do love to work hard and play hard. We do not have time to be trying to motivate a rock. We do have time to inspire an aspiring leader to greatness!

So how does this work? We roll up our sleeves and we go to work… and we Work Hard!

The cornerstone of our work revolves around regular interactions. We will have at least two 30 minute coaching calls every month as well as one training webinar. We are also available to you outside of your scheduled coaching calls via phone or email.

Here is how WE work:

  1. We need to figure out where you are now. This involves looking at your current practice and analyzing your current situation.
  2. We need to figure out where you want to go. This involves understanding your vision and mission for your practice and then making it congruent with your current situation.
  3. We need to figure out how to get there. We will help you to create a strategic plan to get you where you want to go.
  4. You need to be held accountable! We will check in weekly to be sure that you are executing the plan as you designed it.
  5. You need to be trained to create habits that consistently lead to your success. We will train you in proven systems that maximize your patients’ experience in your office and minimize your effort in creating well educated patients that value your care and want to refer you more patients!

We am looking for people who want to work with me and create amazing things.

Due to time constraints We have to be very selective about who I work with. Likewise, we want you to know what you are getting into with me. We do not have any magic solutions, but we do know what it takes to be successful. We will work you hard and we will push your boundaries of success!

To work with us we require a six month minimum commitment of $10,000 (payment plans available). Beyond your six month period we can continue on a month to month basis. We do require a 30 day notice to terminate your contract as this will allow me to begin preparation with my next partner.

If you would like to begin the process of working with me or have any questions regarding my approach, please contact us  or at (925) 222-5065.

Book a FREE Phone Consult!

Let’s get started on building our relationship, analyzing your situation, and working our way towards the vision you have for your practice! Click on the link below and pick a time that fits your schedule. Be sure to tell me a little about what your current situation and what you need help with.

We look forward to working with you!