Shank Styles #1


We live in a disempowered world.


In the end, no matter what service we provide the world, we all understand that the world would be better able to engage us and our services if they were empowered.


People come into our worlds in a disempowered state. From there they engage us and begin to attempt to disempower us. This is a constant struggle. If they disempower you, you cannot make the sale. If you empower them, they can walk through the door of opportunity to the world of all the possibilities you offer them.


The equation that I teach is the following:


Empowerment + Value + Clarity = Closed Sale


Simply put, when you empower your prospect to make the decision, add the prospect’s understanding that the service is worth more than it costs while making sure along the way that they have emotional and intellectual clarity, and are not at any time confused about the process, then you will make the sale.


On the surface this is quite easy. However, in reality, this is one aspect that we constantly work to perfect in The Black Diamond Club.


Others believe in a different formula:


Disempowerment + Fear + Value = Closed Sale


These slick pitch men prey on stripping the world of their power, making them feel helpless and then present the disempowered mind with the only possible solution in a world of absolutes. They use words (and in print form they are always capitalized) like ALWAYS, NEVER and ONLY.


Today, I want to talk about empowerment.


Remember that empowering language patterns embrace the current “We” societal mindset. You should be giving your prospect permission to explore the possibilities and come to the logical conclusion that you are the best thing for them and their current situation.


Think about your children. How do you speak to them?


Would you ever call your child an idiot? Do you have to strip them of their power to get them to listen to you?


Why would you tolerate others saying that very same thing when trying to sell you?


Is that how you want to communicate to your communities?


At The Specific Chiropractic Center we stand for “Empowering our communities to make smart choices relative to their health and wellness”. Perhaps you have seen this statement in some of our social media posts or even on the walls of some of our clinics.


We choose to use empowering language and we stay clear of anything that may disempower our doctors, our patients or our prospects.


When you see disempowering language patterns, run.


This month, take a close look at your marketing, your scripts and your communications in general and make sure that you are consistently using empowering language patterns.


Believe me, you will notice a difference!